Two HUBER VRM® units retrofitted into an existing plant, piece by piece

Assembly of the first VRM unit inside the filtration chamber
Assembly of the first VRM unit inside the filtration chamber
Assembled unit with the membrane modules still missing

Shipping equipment in parts is nothing new to HUBER, but reassembling all pieces of two big VRM (Vacuum Rotation Membrane) 30/268 units on site was a challenging first! The two VRM membrane units serve for the upgrading of an existing conventional waste water treatment plant underneath a shopping mall. The capacity of the plant needs to be increased because of an expansion of the shopping mall. The treatment plant is located in its 3rd floor basement.

Bringing in assembled units was absolutely impossible. We decided to reassemble the two VRM units directly inside their filtration chambers. Due to the given site conditions the weight and size of all components was very limited. We had to drive all parts over a standard car park ramp down into the basement and then move every component trough a 3 m wide and 2.5 m high access opening to the site.

One wall of the new filtration chamber was left open for access, to bring in the parts and to allow just enough space for movement. Reassembly and installation of the units was a great challenge for our Service Engineers, but they successfully managed to complete their puzzle!   Once in operation, the upgraded plant will treat up to 2,200 m³/d of wastewater, compared to a 1,000 m³/d capacity of the original plant, while utilizing the same space!

This space saving design of membrane bio-reactors is always a great benefit where land is expensive or where existing plants need to be upgraded. In addition, their effluent quality is far superior. In this case the clear and disinfected effluent is reused as service water for the huge air conditioning system of the shopping mall.

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