Sales of HUBER Membranes for MBR Systems Gained Momentum

HUBER MBR system with VRM® units in Arenas de Iguna, Spain (20,000 TP)
Submerged VRM® unit at a rendering plant in Lyss, Switzerland

Our business year 2007 has been most successful for our comparatively new membrane technology. Not only our SeptiMem® and ClearOnSite® Solutions for small decentralized wastewater treatment systems, for which we provide our MembraneClearBox® (MCB) units, showed healthy national and international growth.

Our semi-centralized ClearNear® Solutions, for which we supply our large VacuumRotationMembrane® (VRM) units, have also been very successful: last year we could sell VRM® units with a total membrane surface of almost 30,000 m². Early in 2007 we received orders to supply VRM® units for the industrial wastewater treatment plant of the meat processor HANS KUPFER & Sons and for the municipal wastewater treatment plant Hutthurm. Last year we also received several large orders from abroad.

South-East Asia is a region where we successfully focused our marketing and sales activities. Several MBR systems have been or will be equipped with VRM® units. Three smaller plants have already been installed and started up; soon, for the first time, we supply VRM® units for wastewater treatment plant at a large shopping centre. A noteworthy feature of this system is that the treatment plant is located on the third floor below ground of a multi-storey parking garage. Since our VRM® 30 units would be too large for the building, they are shipped in pieces and re-assembled on site. The produced effluent will be reused as cooling water for the shopping centre’s air conditioning system and irrigation of its park. The effective total membrane surface of these VRM® units is 4,500 m². This will be the largest HUBER MBR system in South-East Asia. Not far away from this shopping centre is located a governmental administration complex that will also be equipped with VRM® units. Here again, the effluent will be reused as service water for cooling of an air conditioning system.

The first HUBER MBR system in Italy will soon be started up near the city Udine, the capital of the Province Friuli in North-Eastern Italy. In this case the MBR system treats a portion of the wastewater arriving at a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The system is designed for a capacity of 1,000 m³/d and will be started-up during spring of this year.

VRM® units for our third and fourth MBR systems in Spain were shipped to Cantabria at the end of last year where they are installed at two municipal treatment plants not far away from Arenas de Iguna, where our so far largest HUBER MBR system in Spain has been in successful operation for some time. Our new systems treat the wastewater from total populations of 800 and 2,000 PT respectively. Both plants discharge their effluents into sensitive water courses. Effluent quality is thus required to be of exceptional quality.

By mid of 2008 we will have almost 20 VRM® reference systems in operation, with their served total population ranging from 300 to 25,000 PT. In addition we have over 500 MCB® reference installations in smaller wastewater treatment plants.

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