HUBER all-round package for STP Larnaca

Sewage traetmant plant Larnaca [image source: Google Earth]
Sewage traetmant plant Larnaca [image source: Google Earth]

Larnaca with is nearly 80,000 inhabitants, located on the southern coast of Cyprus, is the third largest city of the Republic of Cyprus. The sewage treatment plant of Larnaca was built in the seventies and lies on the city’s southern outskirts, directly between the airport and the coast line. The plant consists of a mechanical pre-treatment stage, two aeration tanks, two secondary clarification tanks and several sludge beds.

It became necessary to modernise this old plant. HUBER submitted a favourable and well-thought-out offer and won the tender for the supply of the core components:

  • New mechanical treatment system
  • Economic and sustainable HUBER Solar Dryer SRT for the last sludge treatment stage
  • HUBER VRM® Bioreactor with more than 50,000 m² membrane surface, as part of the future overall plant concept, to ensure the increasing demand for hygienic service water

The work for the new STP starts at the end of 2012. Plant commissioning is scheduled to take place at the end of 2013. The new STP Larnaca will be another outstanding reference installation. This modern sewage treatment plant will meet Larnaca’s increasing future requirements.

Read below more about:

  • Solar and regenerative sewage sludge dryer SRT for STP Larnaca
  • HUBER membrane technology on STP Larnaca

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