Greywater treatment at a Dormitory in Vietnam

Simplified flow diagram

Dormitory at CanTho University, Vietnam

Under the research project SANSED II (02WD0626, partly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) we have been successful in adapting the HUBER GreyUse® system to the challenging local conditions in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

A modular MBR plant was installed at CanTho University to treat the heavily loaded greywater from a dormitory of the Can Tho University (greywater from kitchens, showers, wash hand basins).

As typical in many places in Vietnam, personal hygiene, laundry washing and cooking take place in the same small area and partly in the open. Leftover food is normally disposed of along with packing materials via a central outlet.

Also storm-water is collected. The separately collected greywater contains therefore a lot of foreign matter and is pretty much diluted during storm events. The greywater is treated in a system the components of which are installed underground: intermediate storage tank with preceding screen, membrane bioreactor (MBR) with submerged HUBER ultrafiltration modules and additional aeration for the biosystem in the rectangular concrete tank.

All effluent values met the standards specified in the fbr sheet H201 (2005) for the reuse of treated water for toilet flushing and laundry washing. Also the microbial quality requirements according to Vietnamese standards for irrigation (TCVN 6773:2000) areeasily met.

Operation and maintenance:
Inspection and maintenance intervals: annually
Operating experience, operating years: 1/2
Inspection and maintenance work: approx. 6 working hrs/a

Parties involved:
Planning: SANSED / Hans Huber AG
Plant supplier: Hans Huber AG
Plant operator: Can Tho University