Residential Development - Medview Beach Villas, Cyprus


  • Black Water Treatment
  • MBR Ultrafiltration
  • Treated Water Recycled For Irrigation


Site Description

This residential development is located in the village of Pervolia near the south coast of Cyprus. The complex was built in 2007 and comprises 7 luxury villas ranging in size from 2-4 bedrooms and 3 bungalows, each having 2 bedrooms.
The small site presented some severe challenges for the HUBER team, because there was no available land for installation of the wastewater treatment machinery. 


HUBER Water Recycling System

For this project, HUBER designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a decentralized Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) ultrafiltration system. The system is arranged so each wastewater treatment system treats the combined black and grey wastewater from several dwellings. Due to the lack of available space, each system is housed in a below ground chamber located in the roadway.


The HUBER MBR system utilizes

  • HUBER MembraneClearBox® MCB Units (size 4x4)