Hotel & Retreat - Bad Windsheim, Germany


  • Grey Water Treatment
  • MBR Ultrafiltration
  • Treated Water Recycled For Toilet Flushing and Washing Machine


Site Description

This 4 Star Hotel is located in the German spa town of Bad Windsheim and was extensively refurbished in 2008. The Hotel offers 50 rooms and several conference and syndicate rooms. The restaurant offers a wide range of international and regional cuisine. 


HUBER Water Recycling System

For this project, HUBER designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a 4 m³/day Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) ultra filtration system to treat the grey wastewater. The treated water is recycled for toilet flushing and use in the washing machines.


The HUBER MBR system utilizes

  • HUBER prototype 3mm rotational prescreening unit
  • HUBER MembraneClearBox® MCB membrane units
  • Tertiary disinfection via UV