Golf Course - Beilngries, Germany


  • Black Water Treatment
  • MBR Ultrafiltration
  • Treated Water Recycled For Irrigation


Site Description

The Beilengries Golf Course is located in central Southern Germany and receives approximately 2200 players annually. The 18 hole golf course covers 15 Ha and has a further 26 Ha of undeveloped natural land. The on-site club house provides toilet facilities, bar and restaurant.


HUBER Water Recycling System

For this project, HUBER designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a 3 m³/day Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) ultrafiltration system to treat the combined black and grey wastewater. The treated water is discharged into the adjacent water storage pond, and from here it is recycled for irrigation of the course.


The HUBER MBR system utilizes

  • 2x HUBER MembraneClearBox® MCB units, size 3
  • Treated Water is used for irrigation