Wastewater pre-treatment at meat processing plant in USA

HUBER HDF 20 dissolved air flotation unit with tubular reactor for chemical pre-treatment
ROTAMAT® Screw Press RoS 3 for dewatering of flotate sludge
ROTAMAT® Wedge Wire Screen Ro 2 / 1000 / 2 & Screw Press RoS 3

Fresh Mark Inc., an Ohio based meat processing company, was founded in 1920. A strong focus on quality and a diverse product range from a full line of hams, smoked sausage, wieners, and deli meats has ensured Fresh Mark’s continued success.

City officials in Canton, OH had indicated that Freshmark’s existing wastewater treatment system was obsolete. Our initial discussions with their consulting engineer date back to 2003. During several visits and meetings with HUBER engineers, the preliminary layout for the project was developed. During the fall of 2003 we tested onesite a HUBER HDF pilot plant and achieved the following results:

  • FOG of up to 600 mg/l, reduced by over 99%
  • TSS of up to 2,000 mg/l, reduced by up to 98%
  • BOD of 2,000 mg/l, reduced by 40 to 60%
  • DS concentration of the flotate sludge around 8%

These outstanding results were decisive in convincing the customer to choose HUBER as their supplier. The other major factor influencing the customer’s decision was HUBER’s ability to provide a complete system solution. In other words, screening, FOG reduction, sludge dewatering as well as controls and integration was to be provided by HUBER. Our engineers assisted the customer and his consulting engineers in every step during the design phase.

In 2004 and 2005, HUBER Technology Inc. was awarded orders for the complete treatment system. The first order included a tank-mounted ROTAMAT® Ro 2 wedge wire screen with 1,000 mm diameter and 2 mm spacing, one dissolved air flotation (DAF) system HDF-20 with flocculation reactor and polymer station, controls integrating all equipment, and spare parts for five years. The DAF is capable of handling the average flow of about 170 m³/h (750 GPM) and peaks of well above 200 m³/h (880 GPM). The second order for a sludge dewatering screw press RoS 3 size 2 was awarded in 2005. A second HDF 20 DAF system may be installed in the future to provide for redundancy.

The wastewater first enters an equalization tank. From there it is pumped through our tank-mounted Ro 2 screen. The screened process water enters a second equalization tank. It is then pumped through a tubular flocculation reactor, where colloidal suspensions and emulgated oils and fats are destablized, coagulated and flocculated. Next is enters the DAF unit. Floated and settled sludge from the DAF enters a holding tank. The effluent from the DAF is discharged into the public sewer. The sludge is flocculated with polymer and dewatered in our RoS 3 screw press. The system installed at Fresh Mark eliminated any freight surcharges the customer had to pay to the local sewer authority and significantly reduced their sludge disposal and transportation costs. In addition our system reduces their chemical and labor costs.

By Christian Roedlich, PhD Sales and Marketing Manager of Huber Technology Inc. (USA)

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