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Economic development in Latin American Countries is at a fast clip. As the Economist, an international weekly journal, reported recently (volume August 18th to 24th), average GDP growth since 2004 in the region was 5 % per year, while annual population  growth is only only around 1.4%. Faster growth, low inflation, expanding credit and liberal trade are helping to create a new middle class. Unemployment, poverty and even income disparity are falling. In spite of population growth the poverty rate of the entire region fell from 50% in 1990 to below 40 % today. The leading light is Chile whose poverty rate fell below 15%. Rising middle classes consume more goods and services, and growing industries provide the supply, in turn creating more jobs and income.

Growing industrial production would have the drawback of increased pollution of the environment, unless investment for environmental protection also rises. Fortunately this appears to be the case. HUBER LATIN AMERICA, based in Santiago de Chile, has been and is busy selling solutions and equipment to factories in Latin America. Here we can only mention a few:

We have supplied two dissolved air flotation (DAF) plants HUBER HDF with chemical pre-treatment to food processing factories of the Nestlé concern in Brazil. These factories produce ice cream, yoghurt and soft drinks. And we are presently awaiting the order for a third system. Our DAF systems remove colloidal solids and emulsified oil and fat, and thus also COD, with excellent efficiency. In all cases solids are reduced by over 90 %, oil, fat and grease by over 75 % and COD by over 70 %. After such pre-treatment the remaining dissolved pollution in the effluents can well be removed biologically on-site or in central treatment plants.

Other examples are paper mills: We supplied one sewer overflow screen RoK 1, one RakeMax® multi-rake bar screen, two vertical Step Screens SSV®, two Step Screens SSF®, one belt filter press Bogenpress®, and a total of six screw presses RoS 3 to paper mills of the companies Ripasa, International Paper, Klabin and Bahia Pulp in Brazil. Our screens remove pulp and paper fibres with high capture rate from wastewater and our presses dewater and compact the fibrous screenings to solid cakes.

Our customers selected our systems and products because of our profound experience in treating such wastewaters, which we gained from hundreds of reference installations in Europe and other parts of the world. They are convinced that we provide suitable high-performance solutions for their challenges.

by Ieda Manzoli, HUBER Sales Manager in Brazil

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