Stainless steel technology in drinking water supply

The municipality Heidenrod lies embedded in the Untertaunus hills between the rivers Lahn and Rhine and the Rhine-Main agglomeration area. Its 8.500 inhabitants, being spread over 19 villages and 100 square kilometres, live in the municipality with the largest forest stands in the federal state Hessen.

The number of villages is already the key o the special problem with drinking water supply of the residents. The staff consisting of five men plus their boss Edgar Bender have to take care of more than 80 plants, consisting in deep wells, explorations, tunnels, elevated reservoirs, pressure increasing plants and pumping stations. The Heidenrod water work's annual discharge quantity lies around 350.000 cbm.

In addition to the 19 local nets there is an interconnection net between the 19 villages to have the chance for balancing, for the Taunus is also one of the groundwater-poorest areas in Germany.

The above explains why the municipality of Heidenrod has very special requirements concerning service and maintenance of plant components to be able to keep up an economical potable water supply system with the ever increasing demands concerning in particular water conditioning technologies.
Fifteen years ago the decision was therefore made to cooperate wit HUBER. Six well chambers and four exploration shafts, completely stainless steel, have been installed meanwhile and also the next order for another exploration shaft was an unanimous decision by the municipality.

Displacement of the shafts is arranged and carried out by the water works themselves, they only rent a crane car. The whole process including earthworks can be completed within two days by Mr. Benders' experienced team.


  • no maintenance work on the manhole any longer
  • quick installation
  • proper hygienic appearance

Repair of an underground exploration shaft in concrete or a well chamber by sandblasting and concrete redevelopment is expensive and time-consuming and needs to be repeated after around 15 to 20 years, according to the municipality's experience.

Although investment costs are higher if using HUBER stainless steel manholes, they pay off clearly under long-term aspects as they are nearly maintenance-free.

by Elisabeth Ketzler

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