Personnel Safety with Safety Climbing Systems

HUBER safety climbing systems - with safety ladder SiS2, as climbing device SiS3, with step irons SiS4

The latest DIN EN 353-1 demands improved damping of possible falls. The HUBER safety climbing devices (safety travellers) type SiS fulfil such requirements for personal safety gear. An additional self-unfolding safety belt reduces the incurring forces: An energy-absorbing belt element opens slowly and gently catches the falling person so that injuries are excluded. This has been certified by the EC type test No. 961203 of the Social Security Institute against occupational accidents. Both the tight EC regulation (89/686/EWG) and DIN EN 353-1 (personal safety gear against falling - travelling devices with a fixed guidance) had to be complied with. Also the aspects of ergonomics as per DIN EN 363 were taken into consideration. The EC conformity certificate entitles us now to use the CE mark with the number CE 0123.

This improved safety device is used in all types of HUBER climbing systems. It can be used for the safety ladder with integrated guard rail type SiS2, safety climbing device type SiS3 and guard rail with step irons type SiS4. Retrofit and improvement of existing systems is possible any time. Detailed instruction is provided in the information brochure for installation, use, maintenance, cleaning and storage.

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Products in use and related solutions