Three reasons for a HUBER manhole cover

Easy to open by a single person and made of a robust, durable material: these are features of HUBER manhole covers that have been a matter of course for a long time already. But what are other, equally important requirements on a manhole cover?

1. Meets legal regulations and normative standards

HUBER Manhole Cover SD2 in compliance with DIN 1239:2018

HUBER manhole covers always meet currently applicable standards, thus providing safety and the required level of protection for the operating staff.

All our covers raised from ground are designed and constructed according to the latest version (April 2018) of DIN 1239 Coverings for wells, spring water chambers and other water supply constructions.

Our manhole covers for traffic areas type SD7 are tested and certified to DIN EN 124:2015. Also this standard has been revised and requires now that manhole covers undergo an extensive EC-type examination and an internal factory own production control at the manufacturer’s as well as regular control by a recognized body. These measures provide a much higher level of safety for operators.

By the way, since March 2017, manhole covers for traffic areas must be certified to the revised version of DIN EN 124 of 2015! It is therefore especially recommended to request certifications from the manufacturer!

2. Burglar resistance highly topical and in great demand

An increasingly important point when selecting a manhole cover is sufficient and measurable protection against unauthorized access. Even the revised version of DIN 1239:2018 refers explicitly to sufficient burglary protection of manhole covers for wells, spring water chambers and other water supply constructions.

Reliable & sturdy: attack-proof HUBER Manhole Cover SD7, resistance class RC3

Long gone are the times when “burglar resistance” was technically defined by just using a safety lock. Burglar resistance is regulated by DIN EN 1627. Considering violence-prone criminal groups, available tools and attack time, it is differentiated between the six resistance classes RC1 to RC6.

The modified raised HUBER Manhole Covers SD3 and SD4 as well as the load-bearing trafficable SD7 cover have been certified to resistance class RC3 by an external test institute, thus setting new standards for burglar resistance of manhole covers.

3. Available cover sizes

There is an easy answer to this question: any!

We manufacture the suitable cover perfectly customized for any opening. Our standard sized are of course available within few days directly from our huge stock, such as 80 x 80 cm or 100 x 100 cm covers!

How to find the suitable cover?

Make us of our new download area on our website. In the tab "Download Documents" it provides comprehensive information to download for all HUBER manhole covers!

Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any further questions or requests. We will be happy to assist you.