Refurbish pumping station shafts: Uncomplicated replacement of old equipment

Hygiene? Security?

A frequent sight! The ravages of time are taking their toll!

Are your pump station shafts still hygienically safe and are they secure?

Do you have problems with corrosion, leakage or other problems and risks?

Safe equipment: manhole covers, safety access ladder and entrance aid
Safe access: ladder with safety guard rail

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Our team of experts for HUBER stainless steel equipment will be happy to assist with specialist advice! We look forward to developing tailored reconstruction proposals together with you! Here are some examples of how you can make your pumping station shaft safe and corrosion-resistant:

Manhole covers:

Completely made of stainless steel (1.4307 or 1.4404), acid treated in a pickling bath and passivated, custom-made to measure, options available according to customer’s needs as attack-proof / security tested, flood-proof, backup-proof, load bearing (up to 40t) covers. We have the suitable cover for any of your applications!

Safety access ladders and entrance aids:

Security tested to DIN EN 14396, DIN 19572, with CE label, completely made of stainless steel (1.4307 or 1.4404), acid-treated in a pickling bath and passivated, ladder with guard rail as fall protection, diverse types of entrance aids available.

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