Burglar resistance – efficiency on a new level

Stainless steel safety door TT 2.2, certified to security of DIN EN 1627 inspection level RC3 or RC4
HUBER stainless steel manhole covers, extra secure to prevent forced access, complying with DIN EN 1627 standards

Stay on the safe side!

The need for security has strongly increased especially in the recent past. This development can be recognized in nearly all situations of life. The security requirements are however especially high where a great many people could be affected very easily. Drinking water supply is an example for such a case. The facilities in this sensitive environment are often in a very poor condition. To identify potential weak points, the authorities recently simulated burglary attempts on public institutions, among them also drinking water supply structures. This campaign lead to a significant increase in inquiries we received for attack-proof products for improved security.

There are, however, a variety of other structures in sensitive areas that have inspection openings and entrances and therefore need also special protection against unauthorised access.

The specifications of DIN EN 1627 define resistance classes, resistance times (the period for which a product can withstand a burglary attempt), type of criminal, and the so-called ‘modus operandi’, i.e. how the offender proceeds. According to DIN EN 1627, six different resistance classes are defined for burglar resistance, with RC 6 as the highest class (RC = resistance class). Which resistance class is required for which application depends on the individual hazard situation (risk), e.g. where the object is located and how easily the hazard area can be observed and overlooked. The advisory bodies of the State Offices of Criminal Investigation recommend for example resistance class RC3 for entrance doors to water supply installations with burglar alarm system. If there is no burglar alarm system, it is recommended to use security doors that offer resistance class RC4. Security doors certified to resistance class RC3 and RC4 have been in the product portfolio of HUBER SE for several decades already.

To increase also the safety factor of manhole covers, our program includes now manholes covers certified to resistance class RC3 according to DIN EN 1627. The term “burglar-resistant” thus is clearly defined also for manhole covers and represents comparable values according to the latest security definitions. Some details were optimised as a result of the security test. The lock for example is now a lock system with anti-drilling protection. Also manhole covers can be equipped with a magnetic contact as OPEN/SHUT indicator. We have many years of experience in the manufacture of manhole covers of all kind and have therefore placed the focus on maximum resistance to unauthorized entry into the shaft when developing and manufacturing burglar-resistant manhole covers. Let us find the weak points of your plant before others do – contact us!

In addition to reliable protection against burglary, also the factors economic efficiency, operational reliability, easy operation and compatibility with existing plants are important quality characteristics. The quality “stainless steel” itself implies a high level of resistance. The perfect resistance of stainless steel products is however only given if the material is properly processed and finished. We have been manufacturing almost exclusively from the material stainless steel for more than 45 years and are therefore a stainless steel supplier by conviction! The result of these many years of focusing on stainless steel is a production that is completely tailored to processing this material and includes an integrated pickling bath to form a passive layer. This passive layer is the requirement for the corrosion resistance of stainless steel over many years.

Act now!

  • Especially remotely located well shafts are under constant threat of unauthorized manipulation.
  • Beside careful manufacture and matured product design, the material stainless steel ensures high mechanical strength.
  • Stable equipment will more likely deter burglary attempts and resist long enough!