Huber Technology Prize 2012: Future Water

Our resource water is scarce and not substitutable. Using water sparingly and utilising the valuable constituents contained within wastewater after human consumption in households and industry are the need of the moment in times of a growing scarcity of resources. Equally important for human life and the development of efficient economies is security of energy supply. In view of the looming problems caused by population growth, urbanisation and globalisation of the Western lifestyle, many technical engineering efforts focus on increasing energy efficiency and using more renewable energy sources. Even wastewater, still frequently discussed as a problem, can be exploited as an energy source if innovative concepts and technologies are applied. We are therefore faced with new challenges also in the field of anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment and heat recovery.

Students and doctoral researchers of both national and international universities or colleges of higher education are invited to submit ideas, proposals or concepts that deal with the subject ‘Energy from Wastewater’ in a holistic way and take into consideration the interaction between technology, environment and society.

Proposals submitted should reveal their feasibility in practice and, as far as possible, not lose sight of the aim of compulsory wastewater treatment.

The HUBER Technology Prize is under the patronage of the Bavarian Minister for the
Environment, Dr. Markus Söder.