Condition Monitoring System for optimised plant operation

The whole plant always on the display
The whole plant always on the display

We know the requirements of our customers worldwide from our many years of experience and numerous face-to-face contacts during which we have collected and evaluated the requests they have for an innovative system. In times where technical processes and applications are becoming increasingly complex, requirements increasingly higher, and know-how increasingly ambitious, while less and less man power is available, HUBER SE provides its customers with a new effective service tool, the HUBER Operation Control (HOC). Preventive or reactive maintenance is optimised through predictive and status-dependent servicing.

Conventional inspections of machines and plants are carried out regularly, even if they are not yet necessary in fact. Frequently, however, maintenance would be required but is not carried out early enough due to a lack of knowledge about the status of the plant. This conventional procedure does neither consider short-term events nor observe and evaluate long-term developments.

Our Condition Monitoring System collects status information continuously and in real time. Both long-term and spontaneous temporary load changes are recorded and documented completely. Operating and performance data are evaluated continuously. The HUBER Condition Monitoring System includes also actual/target comparison of different relevant areas as specified by our engineers and service specialists.

HUBER HOC System - Your virtual service engineer
HUBER HOC System - Your virtual service engineer

Potential failures due to wear can be detected early with the result of reduced costs compared to sudden unexpected failures and operating problems. Intelligent algorithms play a key role, as they convert the collected raw data into valuable information. Due to such extensive information transfer between machine and man we achieve a significant cost reduction and increase in plant availability in all areas.


Technical preconditions:

The HUBER Condition Monitoring System HOC consists of three components:

  1. HUBER data logging module
  2. Worldwide available HOC portal
  3. HUBER Service Centre

Buy your HOC any time, when you purchase a new HUBER plant or later for retrofitting to an existing system.The uncomplicated installation of the especially developed HUBER data logging module gives our service specialists insight into the operation of your machines and enables them to assist with their expert knowledge.

Retrofitting a HOC system is very easy: The hardware can be installed on site by the customer's electrician. It is not necessary to make any program settings as these come completely configurated from the HUBER Service Centre. Another application of our HOC system is monitoring of an unattended plant from a laptop or smartphone.

No special software is required for the HOC portal, it is accessible online via any browser. Your own individual user account provides safe and problem-free access to your data. At the same time, the HUBER service engineer can log on and evaluate plant operation together with the customer.

The basic version of the HOC system does not allow access to the electrical control program so that remote plant control is not possible. A HOC Control version is however available upon request and after clarification of all details. This option is locked with an additional key switch. The customer is given access to the electrical control system after approval from HUBER.

Any data required are of course available even without access to the control system. Relevant data points are carried on special extension modules of the HUBER data logging module to exclude any connection to the control program.

The individual plant accesses are in no way limited so that every user, according to his status, gets access to his plant(s). Even several persons at the same time can log on to discuss special questions together.


Data processing:

The collected data are sent to the HOC portal where they are processed and evaluated. If any negative parameter deviation is detected, this is immediately reported to our service specialists. They evaluate the situation and are immediately available to assist in improving the operating status of your equipment.

The data are used for:

  • Visualisation in the plant schematic:
    Data points can be transferred directly to a display so that an overview is available immediately and in the right place.
  • Trend analysis:
    Dependencies between different data points can be displayed and evaluated in free combinable trends.
  • Maintenance management:
    One of the most powerful elements of the HOC system is maintenance management. Any maintenance work described in the operation manual is reflected in this tool. Whenever a programmable limit value is reached, the customer is notified that maintenance is required. This makes it possible to make any preparations before the actual service date which are required to ensure optimal maintenance.
  • Warning rules:
    The defined warning rules lead us directly to the pulse of the plant. If we see any deviation from a defined range, we know that this indicates for example that special wear parts need to be replaced. The early purchase of the necessary replacement materials and/or spare parts ensures the operating reliability of the plant over its total product life.
  • Alert management:
    Should a fault occur at some point after all, the HUBER data logging module will react immediately and send a failure message to the data processing centre. The alert is sent out as an alert cascade: If the alert does not reach the first step, further steps are activated in regular intervals up to the respective HUBER Service Centre.

The HOC portal offers the following additional features:

  • Operations diary:
    Any actions carried out are electronically recorded.
  • Overview and information management:
    General information concerning individual plant components are summarised in an overview.
  • Document management:
    All necessary plant documents can be filed here. Both the HUBER Operation Manual and other freely organisable documents are available immediately and directly allocated to the respective plant.

Data safety:

We guarantee the highest possible safety for your data through hosting the software in the HUBER EDP Centre and data storage in special server areas.


The use of the HUBER Operation Control System HOC provides an increase in plant reliability that is of unmatched quality to date. Furthermore, the performance of the customer's machine is always kept in the optimal range. Due to automated data evaluation through warning rules we are able to recognise anticipated failures in time and can therefore protect your plant against sudden failure and save unnecessary repair costs. This enables you to plan your costs and operating processes.

With our HOC system we can offer our customers high-end service solutions for any HUBER machine on any site in the world. Don't miss the opportunity to have your own virtual HUBER service specialist on site, 24/7 all year round!

We will be happy to show you the trendsetting services the HUBER HOC system can provide for you!