There is only one name for grit washing: HUBER


COANDA Grit Washing Plant

Do you remember IFAT 1999? That was when we presented HUBER as the market leader with about 300 sold COANDA Grit Washing Plant units RoSF 4.

At the next IFAT is coming up, we can proudly report 600 worldwide COANDA Grit Washing Plant installations. This high number of references proves impressively that the patented COANDA Grit Washing Plant is not only nationally but also internationally the state-of-the-art technology for washing of contaminated grit from sewage treatment plants!

With an annual export share in excess of 50% the Grit Washing Plant has been firmly established in Europe, USA and even Australia and sets also there the standards for grit washing, as it has done in Germany for years already. The COANDA Grit Washing Plant has been fully accepted by the relatively conservative mechanical wastewater treatment sector as a new innovative process technology and has become an essential component at the headworks!

Combining reliable grit separation and upflow washing in the fluidized bed, the COANDA Grit Washing Plant offers the function of a grit classifier and at the same time reduces the organic material concentration in the grit to below 3%. Handling of up to 30 mm mineral grain size is no problem for the COANDA Grit Washing Plant and ensures the maximum yield of mineral fraction.

Of course, the HUBER COANDA Grit Washing Plant, which had got a new outfit in 2000, has to gain acceptance in the market, competing against cheap would-be grit washing plants and copies. Fortunately, operators no longer seem to accept delivery of a "black box" which frequently turns out to be unable to achieve the required separation efficiency and guaranteed loss on ignition!

Complete Grit Treatment Systems

The situtation in Germany is as follows: Since introduction of a new regulation in 1993, any residential waste not complying with the criteria specified in this regulation have to be thermally pre-treated in a waste incineration plant. After expiry of a transitional period until May 2005, the only waste allowed to landfills will be unreactive waste.

The same time limit applies to untreated residential waste that has by now frequently been disposed to landfills, so that disposal costs for grit from sewer systems, sink pits and refuse will dramatically rise. By adding other process modules, the COANDA Grit Washing Plant can be completed to a full Grit Treatment System RoSF 5, which typically consists of a feed arrangement and storage tank, coarse material separation and grit washing.

The RoSF 5 system ensures easy economical and ecological treatment of refuse grit, grit from sewer systems and sink pits and even highly contaminated oil grit. The first grit recycling system had been started up in 1995 already.  Meanwhile, almost 50 installations with different components are operated all over Europe.  Dependent on the specific requirements, the grit recycling plants are equipped with an optional separate water conditioning plant which ensures recovery of mineral material without any additional water demand.

If you wish to obtain information where to find a near COANDA Grit Washing Plant or Grit Treatment System installation, contact us!