July 2021
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For weeks now, people in Western Canada have been suffering from an unprecedented heat wave with temperatures of up to 50°Celsius in Vancouver and the region as a result of the advancing climate change. It is therefore not surprising that people there are also looking for ways to reduce the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. The Toronto Western Hospital will make a contribution to this by generating in future 85% of its heating and cooling requirements from the thermal energy of wastewater in a climate-neutral way with the installation of 16 HUBER Heat Exchanger RoWin units.

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Georg Huber, CEO
Products and Solutions
World's largest project for energy recovery from wastewater
Noventa Energy Partners relies on the innovative HUBER ThermWin technology to reduce the negative environmental impact of the existing energy supply for the Toronto Western Hospital. In the world's largest project for energy recovery from wastewater, the cumulative reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will be approx. 169,000 tonnes.
Erlangen decides in favour of HUBER technology for sewage sludge drying
The belt drying system for sewage sludge is convincing: At the beginning of 2021, HUBER was awarded the contract for the supply of a HUBER Belt Dryer BT 16 for WWTP Erlangen after an EU-wide public tender.
Unique innovation from the market leader: HUBER Detection System Safety Vision
In addition to the type of material to be expected, other unforeseen materials often get into the inlet of the sewage treatment plant, such as canisters, squared timber and tyres. Even though screening plants are built for coarse and bulky material, such matter can cause massive damage. To prevent this, HUBER has developed a worldwide unique system for wastewater screens: the HUBER Detection System Safety Vision.
HUBER offers convincing key components for a tailor-made 4th treatment stage
In recent years, hardly any other topic has been discussed more intensively than the introduction of the 4th treatment stage for the targeted removal of trace substances. The processes to be used include adsorption, oxidation and filtration. HUBER offers high-performance key components for all these process solutions.
HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® with world premieres at STP Sargans
With the load-dependent control system for the HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® Q 800.2 implemented in Sargans, Switzerland for the first time worldwide, the operating parameters are adjusted continuously to ensure optimum operation without jeopardising operational safety. The already high level of user-friendliness is thus increased even further.
Update your HUBER control system now
With our HUBER Retrofit Service you will receive a new PLC hardware and a new operator panel, optimally tailored to your existing machine technology and requirements. This renewal ensures the function and operational safety of your plant in the long term, as well as the wear-optimised operation of your HUBER machines.
General HUBER News
Construction work for sewage sludge mono-incineration plant Hanover-Lahe has begun
At the beginning of 2020, sludge2energy GmbH received the order to plan and construct the entire plant technology for a modern sewage sludge mono-incineration plant at the Hanover-Lahe waste treatment centre site. Meanwhile, the extensive construction work is in full swing and should be successfully completed by mid-2022.
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