July 2020
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  Dear Reader,

The citizens of Straubing voted with a large majority for the construction of a sewage sludge mono-incineration plant in 2019. The contract has now been awarded to sludge2energy GmbH, in consortium with HUBER SE and WTE Wassertechnik GmbH. We are very much looking forward to the execution of this project.

Furthermore, I am happy to present several HUBER product innovations in this issue of the HUBER Newsletter: in addition to the Disc Dryer RotaDry® for space-saving contact drying of sewage sludge, we have extended our range of coarse screen systems by the extremely robust Grab Screen TrashLift. And we are also presenting an innovative further development, the HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF screen, which combines our proven RakeMax® system with a Center Flow screen.

Stay healthy and stay with us!


Georg Huber, CEO
General HUBER News
sludge2energy GmbH and Straubing shaping the future of sewage sludge in Bavaria
A citizens' decision in 2019 was the starting signal for the mono sewage sludge incineration project in Straubing. On 9 July, the contract for the process engineering of the plant was awarded to the Berching-based company sludge2energy GmbH, in consortium with HUBER SE and WTE.
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The new HUBER Disc Dryer RotaDry®
HUBER SE has expanded its range of sewage sludge dryers by adding a disc dryer to its future product portfolio. This dryer is based on the principle of contact drying and convinces by its compact design compared to other drying systems.
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HUBER extends its range of coarse screen systems with the HUBER Grab Screen TrashLift
Whether large debris, large-volume flotsam or suddenly occurring heavy rainfalls, the HUBER TrashLift protects your sewage treatment plant. The fully automated system is really easy to operate. Discover it for yourself!
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Product novelty: HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF
Two become one: HUBER combines the proven RakeMax® with a Center Flow screen and presents the HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF, an innovative development. Learn more about the product here.
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Products and Solutions
HUBER SE commissions one of the largest sewage sludge belt drying plants worldwide
The largest HUBER Belt Dryer BT worldwide installed several months ago has since been convincing in operation. In this mega project HUBER uses highly efficient and groundbreaking drying technology to dry a total of 400 t of dewatered sewage sludge per day.
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Busy - the mobile plants with HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID help in planning and operation
HUBER regularly uses a demonstration plant with the HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID in various applications at numerous wastewater treatment plants. Learn more about its use in bridging operation during the rehabilitation of existing primary clarification and/or activated sludge tanks and the trial operation for technical preclarification of a wastewater treatment plant retrofit.
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Sewage sludge drying on Kassel district heating power plant
HUBER plans and builds a tailor-made belt drying system for Kassel. Read more about this special project that helps achieve an earlier exit from coal.
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Field report on combined sewer screening at Crankley Point STW, UK
HUBER Technology recently completed a project at Crankley Point STW located in Newark. The project is part of a £60 million investment by Severn Trent Water in Newark's wastewater and water systems to protect around 400 homes against floods.
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