December 2019
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The Waste Sewage Sludge Ordinance that entered into force in 2017 and the amendment of the Fertilizer Regulation have been leading to a reorientation of the sewage sludge utilisation practice in Germany. Especially the restricted application of sewage sludge on land, but also the necessity of nutrient recovery, are leading to more thermal sludge utilisation.

In this issue of our newsletter we show you our approach of satisfying the increased demand with small decentralized sewage sludge mono-incineration plants with energy production as implemented at Halle-Lochau.

Now, at the end of 2019, I would like to say thank you to all of you on behalf of the HUBER group for your trust in us. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy and successful New Year 2020!

Enjoy reading!
Georg Huber, CEO
Productse and Solutions
Professional treatment of sewer grit
Megacities and their problem with construction waste, example Shanghai: decoupled grit treatment plants can remove coarser particles and the mineral fraction from the raw material delivered by suction trucks and thus effectively prevent operational problems caused by sudden high amounts of solids.
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Innovative sewage sludge utilisation concept at Halle
Mono-incineration of sewage sludge and recovery of phosphorus: small, decentralized incineration plants can be a suitable solution for sewage plant operators.
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Screening fermentation residues to remove plastic
Fermentation residues can play an important role in soil enrichment but need to be treated before they can be used as an alternative mineral fertilizer. Especially the plastic particles contained must be reduced.
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Three reasons for a HUBER manhole cover
Easy to open by a single person and made of a robust, durable material: these are features of HUBER manhole covers that have been a matter of course for a long time already. But what are other, equally important requirements on a manhole cover?
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The process steps of wastewater treatment by flotation
What actually happens during chemical-physical wastewater treatment and what is the function of the chemicals added during dissolved air flotation? Our short, informative video provides insights into various process steps.
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General HUBER News
HUBER SE receives order for world's largest solar sludge drying plant
A huge new sewage treatment plant for a treatment capacity of 5 million m³ per day is currently under construction in Egypt. The treated water will be used for the irrigation of agricultural land on the Sinai Peninsula. A total of 128 HUBER Slugde Turner SOLSTICE® units will ensure the reliable drying of the approximately 475,000 t dewatered sludge generated annually.
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HUBER organises 1st HUBER Milk Day at dairy company Jäger
HUBER SE recently organised the 1st HUBER Milk Day in cooperation with the dairy company Jäger GmbH. Nearly 50 representatives from the dairy industry came to inform themselves about the subject wastewater directly at the producing company near Munich.
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Successful expert forum on sewage sludge utilisation in Hanover
In cooperation with the two parent companies WTE and HUBER SE, sludge2energy GmbH organised for the first time a very well attended expert forum on sewage sludge utilisation in Northern Germany on October 1, 2019.
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