July 2019
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In addition to municipal wastewater treatment, the treatment of industrial wastewater is increasingly gaining in importance. While in the past the treatment of industrial wastewater was reduced to the essentials, industrial customers now recognize more and more the potential that lies in advanced wastewater treatment. New technologies and process engineering solutions make it possible today to recover water, energy, heat and residual materials and further use them in the process. Technologies are combined intelligently to not only meet standards but to also reduce costs. Saving at the same time resources and sparing the environment!

HUBER SE has a variety of technologies and products in its portfolio from which to select and combine the perfect solution to achieve the requested results and meet the specific requirements of each individual customer, following our motto: ”HUBER – Partner for the Industry“.

Georg Huber, CEO
Case Histories and Solutions
Flotation for biomass separation replacing secondary settling tanks and secondary treatment systems
Flotation plants are a common solution not only for critical wastewater but also perfectly suitable as an alternative to overloaded aeration tanks and secondary settling tanks of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants for the separation of biomass.
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HUBER industrial customers increasingly go for sewage sludge dryers
The advanced treatment of sewage sludge and industrial residual sludge is increasingly gaining in importance also for industrial customers. Until recently, the common strategy was to pass the sludge on to disposal companies, this has now become more and more complicated, difficult and expensive.
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Intelligent chemicals dosing reduces operating costs for flotation plants
The HUBER Chemicals Dosing DIGIT-DOSE is setting new standards for the efficient operation of flotation plants. By intelligent dose regulation depending on the degree of pollution of the wastewater, the system ensures that only exactly the chemicals dose necessary is added. This reduces operating costs significantly.
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Wastewater Treatment in the Dairy Industry – customized solutions for direct and indirect discharge
HUBER offers well-proven customized solutions for the specific wastewater problems that occur in milk processing companies: We show by the example of a case history on Milchwerk Jäger in Upper Bavaria the successful implementation of a comprehensive wastewater treatment concept.
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Heavy-medium separation and washing system installed and commissioned
HUBER Longitudinal Grit Trap ROTAMAT® Ro6 Bio and HUBER Grit Washer RoSF G4E increase operating reliability and reduce operating costs of a waste fermentation plant.
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HUBER Rotary Drum Fine Screen ROTAMAT® on cruise ship of MV WERFTEN
Two HUBER Membrane Screen ROTAMAT® RoMem 780 units with 0,5 mm mesh size will be installed on a cruise ship of the “Endeavor” series to fine screen the wastewater from the cabins.
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