April 2019
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Microplastics - a much debated and widely discussed word at the moment.
All over the world, plastic microparticles enter our waters and also the soil via a variety of pathways. As bigger plastic parts are decomposed, “secondary” microplastics are generated, while “primary” microplastics are contained for example in cosmetic products, washing and cleaning agents. Microplastics that are transported together with the wastewater flow to a well equipped sewage treatment plant (at best with HUBER equipment), are to a very large extent (far more than 90%) separated with the sewage sludge and cannot end up in the environment anymore, provided the sewage sludge is not applied to agricultural soil.

A main pathway for microplastics into the environment is by the way tyre wear. When it rains, the tyre wear particles are washed from the road, and treatment of the road run-off is a largely unsolved problem. In our report about the den HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc®, we present an innovative solution how contaminated road run-off can be treated effectively. That this works also in practice has been proven by us in Switzerland!

And the next time you are discussing the issue microplastics, you know: HUBER has solutions!
Therefore, read our interesting news!
Dr. Johann Grienberger, Board Member & Director Technology
Products and Solutions
HUBER Safety Vision increases the availability of machines
With the HUBER Detection System Safety Vision it is possible to identify critical coarse material and protect machines safely and reliably against blockage and damage.
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Dynamic inline mixer for optimized sludge dewatering
Efficient admixing of flocculant has a significant impact on dewatering results and therefore can considerably reduce operating costs. The dynamic HUBER Inline Polymer Mixer IPM can easily be integrated directly into the sludge supply line and increases the mixing intensity.
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Technical road runoff treatment with HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc®
HUBER has modified its HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® especially for technical road runoff treatment applications. Since the end of 2015, two of these treatment plants have been successfully operated in the Lucerne area with a very high separation efficiency.
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Solar HUBER dryer stops rising costs for sludge disposal
In the Bavarian municipality Freystadt, the STP operators decided to go with an own decentralized solution for the disposal of the sewage sludge generated on site. They are very satisfied with their new plant that includes the HUBER Sludge Turner SOLSTICE® as the core of the system - "everything goes smooth, easy and clean“.
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Old installations – a ticking bomb?
The regular inspection of installations is an important aspect not to be underestimated where drinking water and wastewater structures need to be maintained as valuable elements of our supply and disposal networks.
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General HUBER News
1000 sewage treatment plants with a HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract in Germany
It was just on April 1 that we could celebrate the signing of the 1000th Service and Maintenance Contract with a sewage treatment plant in Germany! The plant is located in Jagstzell, a municipality in the Ostalbkreis, a district in the east of Baden-Württemberg.
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Groundbreaking Ceremony for HUBER Technology, Inc. North American Headquarters
HUBER began construction on a new facility which will serve as both the headquarters and manufacturing center for the North American arm of the business. The new facility at Charlotte metropolitan area in North Carolina will be completed by the end of the year and is able to house a growing staff as well as support a multi-million dollar manufacturing operation.
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