December 2017
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  Dear Reader

A large number of the products we manufacture in Germany are sold abroad, and this has been the case for many years. In several of these markets, however, we are not active with an own sales organisation. In some cases due to the size of the market, in other cases for cultural or legal reasons. The more important is it to establish a long-term, trust-based cooperation with a local partner in these markets.

In India, we have maintained such a trust-based partnership with ATE Ltd. in Mumbai for more than 6 years already. Recently, both parties decided to intensify their partnership through a joint venture agreement.

Now, at the end of this year, I would like to say thank you for your trust and loyalty in 2017 on behalf of the board of directors and all HUBER employees. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy and successful New Year!

Enjoy reading!
Georg Huber, CEO
General HUBER News
HUBER expands its activities in India
HUBER and ATE Group recently signed a joint venture agreement. HUBER has a 30% minority participation in the new company that will be named A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech Private Ltd.
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Products and Solutions
Reliable protection of membrane plants with HUBER Perforated Plate Screen ROTAMAT® STAR liquid
HUBER fine screens for the protection of downstream membrane systems have a long tradition in the USA. Due to continued further development we are able to offer tailored solutions for membrane screening and implement machines for a variety of different applications.
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Refurbishment project: regional STP Linz-Asten
On the largest sewage treatment plant in Upper Austria with a design size of 950,000 PE, the coarse screens were replaced and the screenings treatment system was refurbished. Furthermore, a screenings removal and transport station was built.
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When big Ro5 machines find their place
The installation of the HUBER Complete Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5 units is an important moment in the execution of the project. Such plants are normally lifted and moved into the building with a 50t crane. Heavy-duty rollers are used to finally place the plants in their position. The photo series in the below article shows impressive pictures.
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New safety system for the HUBER Sludge Turner SOLSTICE®
Whether we develop new products or redesign existing machines, we always do this considering also the safety aspects that are important to minimise the hazard potentials when handling our products as required by the Machinery Directive. This has been the case with our sludge turner for solar sewage sludge drying as well.
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Research project: removal of micropollutants with the use of ozone and granulated active carbon
A current research project on the reduction of trace substances and micropollutants examines the effects of upstream ozonisation on the HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAC. The duration of the project is 18 months. As research results we expect to see an increased elimination efficiency and a longer life of the active carbon.
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Burglar resistance – efficiency on a new level
Stay on the safe side! HUBER security doors certified to resistance class RC3 and RC4 as well as burglar-resistant HUBER manhole covers certified to resistance class RC3 increase the safety of drinking water supply structures.
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