November 2015
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Just a few decades ago it was unthinkable that the large-scale use of photovoltaics would some time be possible in cooler climate regions such as Germany.

There were similar concerns in the past over solar sludge drying. This technology is already state-of-the-art in many areas of the world and a widely used option for cost-effective and energy-efficient sludge treatment.

We show that, with the use of our sludge drying system, this option is not only a solution for small projects in warm and arid regions: On STP Bayreuth in Germany we build a fully-automatically solar sludge drying plant with a capacity for 300,000 PE. Plant start-up is scheduled to take place already in 2016.

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Georg Huber, CEO
Products and Solutions
Successful operation of HUBER ROTAMAT® Star liquid screens in Tarbes Ouest, France
Three ROTAMAT® Star liquid screens have proven their quality since their installation one year ago. They reliably protect the downstream membrane system. Due to the special folded "Star" design of the screen basket it is possible to realize applications with small screen perforation sizes and high loads.
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Sewage treatment plant rely on HUBER systems when it comes to the treatment of external materials
For almost 20 years, HUBER SE has provided successful solutions for the treatment of road sweepings, sewer grit and grit from sewage treatment plants. More than 170 projects executed worldwide prove HUBER's extensive experience in this sector.
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Largest solar sewage sludge drying site in Southern Germany fully equipped by HUBER
In a new sludge treatment plant in Bayreuth the sludge from 300,000 PE is dewatered and dried – fully automatically, with the use of exhaust heat and exhaust air treatment.
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An example of wastewater heat utilisation at source: site report old-age home Hofmatt in Switzerland
Wastewater as a heat source for heat pump systems represents a highly efficient energy source and energy sink. This example presents and alternative to the use of heat from sewer wastewater: the direct use of the exhaust heat from the locally generated wastewater as a regenerative and sustainable energy source.
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New door withstands even higher pressures!
The new design "TT7-30" of our pressure doors, well-proven for many years, is absolutely water-tight up to 30 m water column. Previously, the maximum pressure resistance of our pressure doors has been 10 m.
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General HUBER News
HUBER SE distinguished as enduring Bavarian family-owned company
In June the trade associate DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER (The Family Companies) announced the recipients of the "Bavarian Family-Owned Company of the Year". HUBER was distinguished in the category of sustainability!
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