April 2015
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One of the decisive factors for the quality of life in a geographical region is the quality of its waters, i.e. its rivers, lakes or the sea.

Nutrients that are discharged to waters reduce the oxygen content of the water, increase their eutrophication potential and therefore have a negative impact on water quality. The resulting increased algae growth reduces the recreational value of waters and, even worse, leads to fish mortality and endangers drinking water supply.

Read in this issue how HUBER contributes with simple and efficient solutions to reducing nutrient input to waters.

Enjoy reading!
Georg Huber, CEO
Products and Solutions
Wider range of application: RakeMax®-J Multi-Rake Bar Screen with curved screen bars
The modified design version of our well-proven RakeMax® screen has screen bars that are curved towards the channel bottom. Due to this special design the screen rakes can remove sediments and screenings on the bottom plate already in the very bottom section.
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Phosphorus reduction with the HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen
A disc filter screen is a simple yet efficient solution which can be used to meet various specific requirements of phosphorus reduction and is therefore a decisive contribution to the protection of our waters. Low pressure loss combined with small space requirements permit easy integration of downstream filtration stages in existing wastewater treatment plants.
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Sewage sludge drying on STP Ingolstadt – a success story
Two HUBER belt dryers were put into operation on STP Ingolstadt in August 2005. Nine years after start-up they still operate very reliably with only minimum maintenance requirements and standstill periods, the operators are fully satisfied.
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RoWin for a win-win: various application possibilities for heat recovery
The HUBER RoWin Heat Exchanger is an economical solution for numerous applications of heat recovery from polluted media – not only for wastewater from sewers but for example also for vapour water or small decentralised loops.
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Minimised condensation in water chambers through forced ventilation
In some water chambers condensation drops occur on the ceiling and walls. Frequently, the problem cannot be solved with static methods. Forced ventilation with air filter plants stops condensation.
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General HUBER News
HUBER donates to six child care facilities
The company's Christmas tombola 2014 again raised a huge sum that was donated to local charity. The board and directors decided together with the company's works council to give the money to the kindergartens in the municipal area of Berching.
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