February 2015
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We as HUBER SE always try to offer our customers high-quality products at competitive prices. However, the benefit from an investment does not show directly after purchase but depends on a lot of factors, such as operating costs, wear, operating reliability, service life, maintenance requirements and constantly high product performance.

We are aware of these factors and therefore feel responsible for the trouble-free operation of our products. This is why we have made it our business to support our customers throughout the machine life cycle, also with service innovations. One of these innovations is HUBER Operation Control (HOC).

Read in this Newsletter issue how HUBER Operational Control can be used as supplement to service contracts, as it enables you to know about the current status of your machine quickly and effectively. This helps to increase equipment reliability and lifetime, reduce wear and costs, and achieve a constantly high machine performance.

Enjoy reading!
Georg Huber, CEO
Products and Solutions
HUBER supplies the equipment for a major sewage treatment works in Berlin
The test phase on STW Waßmannsdorf was quite a challenge but HUBER machines have impressively proven their efficiency and robustness. The old screening system on site could no longer meet the increased requirements. In summer 2014, we finally received the order to supply new machines for replacement.
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RakeMax®-hf combines advantages of wellproven RakeMax® and a bar rack with very small inclination!
HUBER offers another screen type for headworks, the well-proven L-shaped multi-rake bar screen RakeMax®-hf. RakeMax®-hf screens can be adjusted to suit specific site requirements, both structural and hydraulic, and reduce investment and operating costs.
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HUBER Solar Sludge Dryer SRT – unique in variability of sludge feeding and removal
HUBER solar sludge drying system with sludge feeding and removal on the same gable end – the feed comes back as dry sludge.
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HUBER RC3 safety doors meet any requirements
Safety and sustainability are of greatest importance in the field of water supply. HUBER has convincing solutions to offer, one of them is the technically mature and high-quality safety door RC3. Many of this type of door have meanwhile been installed on a number of sites.
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HUBER Operation Control – a useful supplement to service contracts
HUBER Operation Control (HOC) supports plant operators through maintenance management. This innovative element of our service concept centrally integrates all maintenances of the customer's plant that become due and includes useful descriptions.
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General HUBER News
Film, please! HUBER product videos are available online now
A picture is worth a thousand words ... and a video all the more! That is why we have recently placed a number of professional films and animations of our products and solutions onto our websites.
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HUBER continues to expand at the company headquarters in Berching
At the end of October the HUBER production hall extension was officially inaugurated. Additional 2,200 m² are now available to manufacture machines and stainless steel products for projects all around the world.
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