September 2014
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It is not only the prices for private living space that have increased noticeably in many cities and even in some rural areas, also many municipalities and industries are faced with rising land prices.

Read in this issue more about the solutions HUBER offers for the optimal use of floor space, whether through well-planned constructions,or by application of new technologies for new constructions or plant modernisation.

Enjoy reading!
Georg Huber, CEO
Products and Solutions
Fine screening – the cost-effective alternative to primary settlement tanks
Primary settlement tanks for the mechanical removal of very fine particles require a lot of space and involve considerable investment costs. Fine screening with up to 0.2 mm apertures can achieve the same reduction rates on a much smaller footprint and with significantly lower costs.
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STRAINPRESS® at Amsterdam: 3 years of successful operation
The operational reliability of the STRAINPRESS® has been proven with many installations on large international sewage treatment plants: In Amsterdam, for example, maintenance costs and shutdowns could be reduced significantly while separation efficiency has increased considerably.
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HUBER SE receives order for the largest sewage treatment plant in Northern Ireland
A successful combination: Launder Channel plus Wash Press SL The project on the large sewage treatment plant of Belfast comprises six HUBER Wash Press units of the biggest available size WAP/SL/12 which are reliably fed by means of HUBER Launder Channels type HLC.
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RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen an innovative low-cost alternative
STP Vorra decides to buy a HUBER RoDisc® screen as an alternative to building a new secondary clarification tank and saves € 250,000 compared to a conventional solution.
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Economy of space in existing structures – STP St. Oswald in Austria
No fewer than three HUBER machines have been installed on only 41 m²: Fine Screen, Grit Washer and Screw Press. Nevertheless, all of them are still easy to operate and access for maintenance due to a perfect space-economic concept.
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STP Flörsheim relies on HUBER know-how and the RakeMax®-hf screen
The screening plant on STP Flörsheim was modernised in February 2013. Now that the screen has operated for one and a half year, the Flörsheim wastewater authority is very happy that they can profit from all the advantages the new HUBER RakeMax®-hf screen is providing.
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General HUBER News
n-tv nominates HUBER SE as „Hidden Champion 2014“
On May 22, the news station n-tv for the fourth time awarded its „Hidden Champion“ for outstanding middle-sized companies. HUBER SE convinced the jury in the category "sustainability".
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The winners of the Huber Technology Prize 2014 "FUTURE WATER" have been determined
Ceremonial award of the prizes endowed with EUR 10,000 in the Berching town hall by Bavarian Environment Minister Dr. Marcel Huber.
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HUBER Technology Service wins German DWA Championship 2014 in wastewater technology
HUBER Technology Service has won the Open National Championship for sewage treatment professionals organised by the German Water, Wastewater and Waste Association (DWA).
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