Edition November 2013
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Dear Reader,

Many of you will know the saying that "the first machine is sold by the sales staff, the second one by the service". We want to supply high quality products and solutions but we also feel responsible to ensure they operate perfectly at the customer's site. We have therefore made it our business to support our customers throughout the machine life cycle.

Our efforts in this direction have been rewarded recently when the Frost & Sullivan Service Leadership Award 2013 was handed over to our subsidiary HUBER TECHNOLOGY Inc. USA. I am very proud and happy about this award. Our service teams in the USA and Germany have both worked hard to raise and maintain the customer service in the USA and Canada to such a superior level. The Frost & Sullivan Award is an appreciation of our common efforts and the service strategy we have pursued for many years all over the world.

You can be assured that we will not rest on our laurels but continue in our efforts to offer our customers the best possible service, around the clock and across the globe.

Enjoy the reading and best regards,

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

Reputable award for HUBER USA Service team
First complete treatment plant for sewer grit in China
Multi-functional HUBER Complete Plant on STP Ortenburg
HUBER sludge treatment plant on the Black Sea Coast
First installation of the new BT dryer generation in the USA
Eight RC3 safety doors for safe water supply in Austria


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HUBER Technology Inc. receives Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership Award 2013
A market analysis which was conducted by the renowned market research consultancy Frost & Sullivan identified HUBER Technology Service as the market leader in the North American solid / liquid separation technology market. More...


Products and Solutions Top
Start-up of the first complete treatment plant for sewer grit in China
During the past 20 years China has significantly stepped up its efforts to improve wastewater treatment and has built more than 3,000 new sewage treatment plants. On STP Quinge in Beijing the first complete treatment for sewer grit was recently put into operation – a HUBER RoSF 5 system, of course. More...
Multi-functional HUBER Complete Plant Ro 5HD on STP Ortenburg
When it came to placing the order the focus of the customer was on responsibility for a clean environment combined with cost-effective solutions. The HUBER ROTAMAT® Complete Plant Ro 5HD with its innovative grit trap system meets the customer's requirements. More...
HUBER sludge treatment solution in Bulgaria
HUBER screw thickeners have been used by customers all around the world for more than 20 years already. The thickener installed at Varna is a size 4L unit which, in 2008, was especially further developed for high hydraulic throughputs and high solids loads and has operated reliably and efficiently on the Black Sea coast for two years now. More...
HUBER Belt Dryer BT in Sheboygan, USA
The Belt Dryer HUBER supplies to Sheboygan, Wisconsin will be the first installation of the new dryer generation in the USA. Reasons to buy the HUBER dryer have been its low energy consumption achieved through a new electrical control concept, the "helix air flow" and a high level of safety. More...
Eight attack-proof doors for safe water supply
Leibnitzerfeld Wasserversorgung GmbH in Austria supply the drinking water for about 100,000 people. They have chosen well-proven HUBER stainless steel products quality to modernize their facilities and ordered eight doors of resistance class RC3. More...

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