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Dear Reader,

For us as a family-owned company, long-term thinking is an essential part of our acting. This becomes also apparent when selecting our suppliers: For more than 25 years we have closely cooperated with Spangler Gmbh on a basis of mutual trust in the field of electrical control and automation.

Especially in these important fields a profound knowledge of our machines, systems and processes is necessary. Such knowledge can only be built up over many years of working together.
In this way, it is not only HUBER and SPANGLER who profit from long-term cooperation, but first and foremost our customers who get machines and electrical control solutions all of a piece.

I hope you enjoy reading this new issue of our newsletter!

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

SPANGLER and HUBER celebrate a 25-year cooperation
Inauguration of the Huber-Natur-Park with festive first planting
Even ministries use the HUBER ThermWin® system
First HUBER smartMBR order in the USA
Cold weather cannot stop the HUBER Solar Dryer SRT
First TrashMax® screen installation abroad exceeds expectations
HUBER flood protection solution for Weltenburg Abbey
Further development of ROTAMAT® screens: New "Pro" line


News Top
SPANGLER and HUBER celebrate a 25-year cooperation
Two family-owned companies with a longer than 200-year tradition and a total of more than 760 employees at their headquarters: HUBER SE and SPANGLER GmbH have achieved a lot together and look back on 25 years of successful cooperation. More...
Children plant the first trees in the Huber-Natur-Park at Berching
At the official opening of the "Huber Nature Park" the pupils of the Berching schools and the invited guests of honour were happy and proud to plant the first trees and be part of this showcase project for sustainability More...


Products and Solutions Top
ThermWin® solution for a new ministry building
A new ministry office has been erected in the heart of the city of Stuttgart in 2012. The new building houses the complete Ministry of the Interior and other facilities. The ThermWin® System, innovative air conditioning and heat supply from wastewater, is a decisive contribution to achieving the required energy efficiency. More...
First smartMBR order in the USA
The first HUBER smartMBR sold will soon be installed at Le Roy High School in the US state of Alabama where new environmental regulations require a big reduction in suspended solids being discharged – a perfect job for the smartMBR. More...
Cold weather cannot stop the HUBER Solar Dryer
The first HUBER SRT installations in the Rocky Mountains have been in operation for almost a year now. The temperature in the drying bed can easily rise higher than 15 °C despite sub-freezing temperatures outside. More...
First TrashMax® screen installation abroad exceeds expectations
The first TrashMax® sold to Indonesia has operated reliably since its start-up at the end of 2012 and removes enormous amounts of screenings. Due to an additional modification of the about 7 m high screen for dry weather conditions the screen is perfectly suitable to meet the specific requirements on site. More...
HUBER flood protection solution for Weltenburg Abbey successfully stands first crucial test
Based on its decades of knowledge in the production of reliable floof-proof doors and manhole covers, HUBER developed special flood protection elements for the prominent Weltenburg Abbey. During an exceptional heavy storm flood in June, the system successfully protected the Abbey's listed heritage buildings from any damage. More...


Innovations Top
New Pro line of ROTAMAT® screens
The well-proven concept of the HUBER ROTAMAT® machines has been further developed and is now available as the innovative Pro version. This innovative design achieves a significant additional increase in throughput as a RoMem Pro 1600 installation has proven on the sewage treatment works Bitterfeld-Wolfen. More...

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