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Dear Reader,

Despite all the modern means of communication we have today, personal contacts with suppliers and customers are still an important part of our everyday business life. Events like congresses or trade fairs, such as the WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL in April, are a good opportunity for personal communication. With more than 650 exhibitors and almost 30,000 visitors it is one of the important exhibitions of the water and wastewater sector.

On our stand (hall 2.2, stand no. 300) we will present you innovative high-quality products and solutions, among others for drinking water safety, solids removal, utilisation of wastewater heat, and sewage sludge dewatering.

This newsletter gives you a taste of what you can expect from us at WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2013. I look forward to see you at our stand in Berlin and will be pleased to hear your comments and suggestions for further improvement. We want to stay your reliable partner for the future.

Enjoy the reading,

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

HUBER vision and mission statement
HUBER qualifies for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi
Low costs and reduced wear: ROTAMAT® Screw Press
RoDisc® screen for a drinking water application
Third HUBER belt drying plant commissioned in Lithuania
Mineral fertiliser from sewage sludge
Energy self-sufficient solution for thermal sewage sludge utilisation
Effective flood protection for stormwater tanks


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Well-proven and improved: HUBER SE at WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2013
Experience innovative solutions and have a look at the high quality of the products we will exhibit on our stand at WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2013 which takes place from 23 to 26 April. You will find us in hall 2.2 (Stand no. 300). More...
HUBER vision and mission statement
We have revised our vision and mission statement which we established in 2010. The new shorter version is a more focused look at our goals, challenges and values. We promote the sustainable use of water, energy and resources. More...


Products and Solutions Top
HUBER qualifies for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi
Among the numerous building measures that are executed in Sochi due to the Olympic Winter Games which take place there in 2014 is also a new sewage treatment plant. As for the 2008 Olympics in Peking HUBER is part of this prestigious project and will supply the mechanical pretreatment and filtration equipment. More...
Low costs and reduced wear: HUBER ROTAMAT® Screw Press in Finland
Maintenance costs caused by wear often impair the economic efficiency of centrifuges. In many cases screw presses can offer significant advantages in terms of costs and availability as well as low operating costs. More...
RoDisc® screen for a drinking water application
An innovative application: DVGW and KTW certified, the HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen serves to protect downstream systems by screening spring water in the Austrian Alps as first stage of water treatment. More...
Third HUBER belt drying plant commissioned in Lithuania
It's not a question of size, but technique! In Silute, Lithuania, the smallest size of a HUBER Belt Dryer was put into operation. Perfectly integrated the dryer convinces all along the line. More...
Mineral fertiliser from sewage sludge
The phosphorus bound in the sewage sludge can lead to undesired layers of settled magnesium ammonium phosphate crystals in digesters or mechanical sludge dewatering systems. HUBER offers a solution to prevent expensive shutdowns. As a side effect, this solution saves our limited phosphorus resources. More...
The s2e process – energy self-sufficient sludge disposal
Thermal sewage sludge utilisation has been gaining in importance recently in Germany and other countries. Read the following article to learn more details about the present situation and future developments in the field of thermal sewage sludge utilisation and self-sustaining disposal processes. More...
Stormwater tank with effective flood protection in Liechtenstein
In the Principality of Liechtenstein two high-performance HUBER HSW screens and several pressure doors and manhole covers ensure the reliable regulation and temporary storage of stormwater to relieve existing combined sewer system. More...

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