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Dear Reader,

HUBER has intensely been engaged in the field of sewage sludge drying for more than 10 years. We have sold a number of belt dryers which operate at temperatures up to 145 °C – all of them in Europe, except China. But sewage sludge is a global issue, so we are happy to announce that the first HUBER Belt Dryer was installed in the USA recently.

Also the smaller equivalent of the belt dryer, the solar sewage sludge dryer, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and its application is no longer limited to only smaller projects. Especially in regions with a lot of sunshine solar dryers are well suitable also for higher throughputs, as the example of Larnaca on Cyprus shows.
Cyprus, however, is also an example that frequently regions with a lot of sun at the same time suffer from shortage of water. Our membrane systems offer the possibility to recover water for reuse. On Cyprus, they have been aware of this opportunity and have chosen the HUBER solution for STP Larnaca.

At the end of this year I would like to say thank you for your trust and loyalty in 2012 on behalf of the board of directors and all HUBER employees. Merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy and successful New Year!

Dr.-Ing. Johann Grienberger, Chief Technology Officer

Our topics in this edition

HUBER all-round package for STP Larnaca on Cyprus
Bayonne in France refurbish well shafts for drinking water supply
Successful installation of mechanical treatment systems
First HUBER Belt Dryer for sewage sludge in the USA
TrashMax® screen tests on a WWTP in Northern Germany
Optimised stormwater overflow tank functions in Kappern, Austria


Products and Solutions Top
HUBER all-round package for STP Larnaca
STP Larnaca, built in the seventies, will be modernised. HUBER received the order to supply a number of products to make the new plant fit for the future. The concept for the future includes a membrane bioreactor, a new mechanical treatment stage and a solar and regenerative sewage sludge dryer. More...
136 HUBER manhole covers supplied to Bayonne in France
Bayonne in the Southwest of France have modernised their old well shafts for potable water supply using state-of-the-art HUBER products. The customer finally relied on our excellent quality, reliability, and experience, and the cost effectiveness of HUBER manhole covers. A total of 136 covers have been installed over a period of several months. More...
Successful installation of the mechanical treatment systems on WWTP Pfaffenhofen and WWTP Kelheim
With the perfect combination of HUBER screens of the Max®-family and Wash Press SL HUBER once again proves how competence and expertise which have been gathered over many years can successfully be applied in practice. More...
Successful start-up of the first HUBER belt dryer in the USA
In May 2012, a HUBER belt dryer was successfully put into operation on WWTP Mooresville, North Carolina. This first dryer of its kind in the USA significantly reduces the plant operators’ sewage sludge disposal costs. More...
HUBER TrashMax® Screen tests on a WWTP of AZV Südholstein
Presented as an attraction in May at IFAT 2012, now in operation on WWTP Hetlingen: HUBER TrashMax® screen tests on WWTP Hetlingen for several months. More...
Optimised stormwater overflow functions in Kappern, Austria
A combination of HUBER screens for a stormwater overflow tank, ROTAMAT® RoK 1 and RoK 2, is the ideal solution to meet the requirements in the stormwater overflow tank Kappern. Due to the screens’ high flexibility and capacity only minor structural adaptation work was necessary to optimally realize this project. More...

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