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Dear Reader,

It has always been our goal to provide our customers with an as complete as possible range of products and services for the sustainable use of water, energy and resources. Not just for the sake of having as many products as possible to offer but for the best benefit of our customers who deserve to get tailor-made solutions which perfectly suit their individual requirements.

Sometimes we achieve this goal by combining individual products to a high-performance system, and we have experienced that we obtain the best results if we use the products we have developed and produced ourselves. We test and optimally adjust them each individually but also in combination with other HUBER products.

Whether wastewater heat utilisation or sludge drying – the articles in this HUBER Newsletter issue show you that often the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest news and are proud to have you as a regular reader.

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans G. Huber celebrates his 70th birthday
Bavarian Energy Award 2012 goes to HUBER SE
The winners of the Huber Technology Prize 2012 have been determined
HUBER RoWin Heat Exchanger is becoming increasingly popular
RoS 3Q Screw Press: more than 96% sludge volume reduction
Sewage sludge drying plant in Backnang successfully commissioned
RoDisc® screen improves effluent quality on WWTP Altötting
HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax®: stable and trouble-free
Good reasons to use air filters in water reservoirs


News Top
Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans G. Huber celebrates his 70th birthday
Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans G. Huber celebrated his 70th birthday with high-ranking politicians and representatives from science and the church, among them Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer as guest of honour. More...
Bavarian Energy Award 2012 goes to HUBER SE
On 18th October, Bavarian Economics Minister Martin Zeil handed over the Bavarian Energy Awards 2012. HUBER SE was first place winner in the category "Energy Concepts and Initiatives" for their innovative and responsible use of energy. More...
The winners of the Huber Technology Prize 2012: FUTURE WATER have been determined
A lot of students from Germany and abroad submitted their ideas, proposals and elaborate project works. The prizes worth € 10,000 were handed over to the winners from the Netherlands, China and Germany during an official ceremony at IFAT ENTSORGA 2012. More...


Products and Solutions Top
HUBER RoWin Heat Exchanger - a wide range of applications
During the past months we have received a number of orders for our innovative RoWin Heat Exchanger which prove the wide field of application of the HUBER ThermWin® System for energy recovery from wastewater. More...
RoS 3Q Screw Press convinces also international customers
Screw presses for sludge dewatering have become an accepted and well-proven alternative for decanters. Even operators of big sewage treatment plants all over the world have meanwhile discovered our innovative RoS 3Q series. Practical examples prove sludge volume reductions in excess of 96% with only minimum energy consumption. More...
Successful commissioning of the sewage sludge drying plant in Backnang
The HUBER BT 18 belt dryer dries up to 16,000 t sewage sludge a year and represents the core of this project which is a showcase in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The operators use the exhaust heat from a bio-fermentation plant to save energy and costs. More...
HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen improves effluent quality on WWTP Altötting, Bavaria
The HUBER RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screen is an efficient, economical and fast to implement solution to upgrade wastewater treatment plants. The screen produces a virtually solids-free effluent. More...
Three HUBER RakeMax® screens for STW Magdeburg / Gerwisch
Three HUBER RakeMax® screens were put into operation in April 2012 and guarantee stable and trouble-free wastewater treatment on site. They reliably prevent especially the operating troubles which occurred with increased screenings volumes after storm events. More...
Optimise hygiene and safety in water reservoirs
There are good reasons to use air filters in water reservoirs Dust is a source of germs. Air filter plants reliably prevent that dust is sucked into the reservoir. The costs for significantly improved hygiene and safety are only in the parts per thousand range of a complete new building project or complete refurbishment of a water reservoir. More...

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