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Dear Reader,

Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear energy within the next ten years is a settled matter. Whatever one’s personal opinion, there is a broad public consensus on this decision that needs to be followed. Efforts need to be focused on how to compensate within the next 10 years the loss of 22% energy previously generated by nuclear power plants with consideration of security of supply, climate protection and affordability.
HUBER SE has contributed its share for years already as we have always attached great importance to the energy efficiency of all our products and solutions. Moreover, with the development of the HUBER ThermWin« system we provide a possibility to utilise wastewater heat, a solution that saves energy and reduces climate-damaging pollutants. The heart of the ThermWin« system is the HUBER RoWin Wastewater Heat Exchanger.
In this issue of our Newsletter we present two examples of plants, one industrial and one municipal application, which have already been in use for a while and demonstrate that this technology has already proven its suitability for daily use and is able to fulfil the high expectations placed on it.
The utilization of wastewater heat will certainly not solve the country’s energy problem but as a regenerative energy source it can contribute its share.

Enjoy the reading.

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

Heat recovery from dairy wastewater
Two-stage HUBER belt dryer put into operation on WWTP Balingen
Bavarian Minister enthusiastic about HUBER ThermWin showcase project
Solar sewage sludge dryer in South America close to start-up
RakeMax« Screens successful on big STPs in Northern Germany
4 VORMAX units on Saudi Arabian WWTP
Solutions for marine outfalls
SANIRESCH research project: Innovative HUBER MBR system


Products and Solutions Top
Heat recovery from dairy wastewater
The HUBER RoWin Wastewater Heat Exchanger heats the district network of the North German town Aurich and proves its insusceptibility to dairy production wastewater that contains grease and whey residues. A constant heat input into the network is generated over the long term even with varying inflows. More...
Two-stage belt dryer put into operation on WWTP Balingen
On the 200,000 PE WWTP Balingen in the southern German federal state Baden-WŘrttemberg the generated dewatered sludge, along with other sludges from that region, is dried in an innovative HUBER belt dryer. The heat required for the drying process is provided by the thermal post-combustion unit of a sewage sludge gasification plant and a block heat and power plant operated with digestor gas. More...
Bavarian State Minister for the environment enthusiastic about HUBER showcase project Straubing
On 9th May 2011 the official opening ceremony for the ThermWin« pilot project for wastewater heat utilisation took place at Straubing in the presence of Dr. Markus S÷der, Bavarian state minister for the environment. The heart of this pilot plant is the HUBER RoWin Wastewater Heat Exchanger More...
Solar sewage sludge dryer installation in South America close to start-up
The sewage treatment plant of the city of Cali in Colombia has been equipped with 4 solar sewage sludge drying lines. HUBER manufactured the biggest solar sewage sludge dryer ever built for the largest solar sewage sludge plant on this continent. More...
HUBER RakeMax« Multi-Rake Bar Screens operate successfully on big sewage treatment plants in Northern Germany
The HUBER RakeMax« screen is versatile and flexibly applicable. Read about two installation examples that prove this screen type can provide solutions for virtually any application, even and especially with given hydraulic and constructional conditions. More...
4 VORMAX units on Saudi Arabian WWTP
A year ago, 4 VORTEX grit trap plants were installed in Dharan, Saudi Arabia. Since, the overall concept with SSV Step Screen units, WAP wash presses, RoSF 3 grit classifiers and the four VORMAX grit traps has proven its efficiency to the satisfaction of the customer. More...
Solutions for marine outfalls
Developing and emerging countries frequently discharge their pre-treated wastewater to the sea. Cost-effective and efficient fine and ultra-fine screening solutions are available on the market as mechanical wastewater pre-treatment units. HUBER SE has a multitude of successfully implemented projects as reference installations. More...
SANIRESCH project: Innovative HUBER MBR system
The comprehensive renovation of the headquarters of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Eschborn included a concept for the separate collection of grey, yellow and brown water. Put into operation in May 2011, the complex, innovative solution has since operated without any problems. More...

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