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Dear Reader,

The rate of turnover we have generated abroad has steadily risen over the past years up to meanwhile about 75%. This figure reflects the development of many medium-sized companies in Germany over the past years and decades. We take it also as recognition of our efforts to offer you the maximum benefit and best possible technology wherever you are in the world. We support our customers in over 60 countries on all continents with subsidiaries, offices and representations to provide knowhow and innovative products for the treatment of water, wastewater and sludge.
Nevertheless, we manufacture most of our products in Germany. We do this for business reasons and under competitive aspects and not just as a matter of principle. HUBER SE wants to offer its customers and our environment the best and most innovative technology and quality at the best price. We are convinced that we are most successful in this respect with „Made in Germany“ and how we call it: „Active throughout the world - at home in Bavaria“. Germany is the leading market of new technologies and processes in wastewater management where new products and pilot plants are tested in practice and further developed prior to offer them on the global markets as reliable, perfectly tailored solutions.
Last but not least, Germany is an attractive trade fair location. Customers and visitor from all over the world love to come time and again and will certainly also travel here to visit WASSER BERLIN 2011. You are welcome to visit us at our stand where we will be glad to show you our innovative products and services.

Stay with us!

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

General HUBER SE Videos Online
RakeMax®-hf: Save costs with even smaller bar spacing
sludge2energy: A way to energy-autarkic operation of sewage treatment plants
Grit washing in the grit trap of a Complete Plant
Safety in deep shafts – the new fall arrester generation S5b
Reasonable solar sewage sludge drying solutions


News Top
HUBER has risen to today’s challenges by developing innovative products and presents its product range, including future-oriented solutions to increase water and energy efficiency, to the visitors of WASSER BERLIN 2011 fair where HUBER exhibits in hall 2.2 from 2 to 5 May. More...
HUBER SE videos online
Access to selected HUBER SE videos, for example a detailed company presentation, is as of now available directly from our homepage More...


Products and Solutions Top
Save costs with even smaller bar spacing
The old fine screen on WWTP Roth was replaced by the newly developed ‘high flow’ multi-rake bar screen RakeMax®-hf without the need for any structural alterations on site. This type of screen is especially suitable for applications with given hydraulic and structural conditions as it can be tailored to meet almost any application requirements. More...
A way to energy-autarkic operation of WWTPs
The HUBER sludge2energy system is a decentralised combination of sewage sludge drying followed by mono-combustion and power generation by means of a micro gas turbine. This energetically optimal utilisation project is presently in the implementation stage on WWTP Straubing, Bavaria as a pilot project of HUBER SE and an EU project. More...
Grit washing in the grit trap of a Complete Plant
Our intelligent and patented grit washing system can now be integrated also in the grit trap of Complete Plants. With this innovation we enable also small wastewater treatment plants with a flow of less than 100 l/s to treat their grit at low cost. More...
Safety in deep shafts – the new fall arrester generation
For many years HUBER has offered in compliance with DIN EN 353-1 a well-proven system of personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Due to new regulations in the test procedure we had to modify this system. The result, a completely new and innovative generation of fall arrester, is compatible with previous models and successfully passed the required EC type examination at DEKRA Exam, CE 0158 More...
Solar sewage sludge drying – a reasonable solution if based on intelligent and sustainable design
Solar sewage sludge drying based on intelligent and sustainable design has become a generally accepted ecological and economical technology. WWTP Penzing near the Bavarian lake Ammersee is a good example. More...

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