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Dear Reader,

Communication with our customers is a matter of particular concern for us. Through our newsletter we want to keep you continuously informed on all latest developments.
In this issue you will find for example an article about the possibilities to utilise heat from wastewater. The heat potential in wastewater represents an energy source that could cover up to 4% of Germany’s energy demand. To uncover this hidden treasure, HUBER has developed the ThermWin« system. This system was only recently installed in a full scale project to ensure the heat supply for 100 apartments.
You see, we take seriously the issues of sustainability and energy efficiency, not only in the production and operation of our products but even beyond.

Enjoy reading!

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

Wastewater heat utilisation: Ground-breaking ceremony for pilot project
Farewell ceremony for Hans and Karl-Josef Huber
HUBER SE Business Unit Sludge Treatment under new management
28 RoDisc« Rotary Mesh Screens to treat Asia Olympics wastewater
Longest HUBER EscaMax« screens ever supplied to Copenhagen
Optimized sludge dewatering: Screw Press with compressor technology
Economic efficiency of heat recovery from wastewater
Another reference installation in a wood industry company
MBR wastewater treatment plant for labour camp in Saudi Arabia


News Top
Wastewater heat utilisation: Ground-breaking ceremony for Bavarian pilot project in Straubing
Under the presence of Dr. Markus S÷der, a ground-breaking ceremony took place at Straubing, Bavaria in May for an innovative treatment system with a future orientation that demonstrates that wastewater is not an end product but a valuable resource. More...
From the board of directors to the supervisory board: Farewell ceremony for Hans and Karl-Josef Huber
Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans Huber and his brother Karl-Josef Huber left the board of directors and are now members of the HUBER SE supervisory board. Guests from politics, economy, the company and family gathered on 30 April for a farewell ceremony. More...
Business Unit Sludge Treatment under new management
Mr. Klaus Martin is new business unit manager. He can look back on 25 years of experience in the environment sector. HUBER SE looks forward to successfully working with him! More...


Products Top
28 RoDisc« to treat Asia Olympics wastewater
HUBER received the order to supply 28 screens to be installed on the biggest sewage treatment plant of Lie De city, China. As the 16th Asia Olympics will take place there, the infrastructure will be optimised, including its wastewater disposal systems. The peak load to be handled by the plant will be 8.43 cubic metres per second. More...
Longest HUBER EscaMax« screens ever for Copenhagen
HUBER supplied EscaMax« screens and Wash Presses WAP/SL for WWTP Lynetten and Damhusaen in Copenhagen. Six of the biggest size EscaMax« screens ever manufactured were installed on WWTP Lynetten, Scandianvia’s showcase plant no. 1. More...
Screw Press RoS 3Q with compressor technology
A turbo-engine-like effect can be achieved by ‘charging’ the Screw Press RoS 3Q with conditioned sludge. Such feeding with primary pressure significantly optimizes the potential of the sludge dewatering plant with the DR of the press cake being increased by 1 – 4 %. More...


Solutions Top
Energy recovery from filtrate water on WWTPs
Most sewage sludge dewatering solutions leave unexploited the rich energy potential in filtrate water. The wastewater heat exchanger HUBER RoWin convincingly utilises this energy potential economically and ecologically. More...
COD and solids reduction in wood industry
In cooperation with Pfleiderer AG, HUBER SE has developed a concept for the treatment of different wastewater flows generated during wood processing. The HUBER solution implemented at Pfleiderer’s North American location achieves a significant COD and solids reduction and provides for the reuse and recycling of process waters. More...
Wastewater treatment for labour camp in Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Arabian oil company ARAMCO built next to the refineries a camp for its employees and workers. A completely independent sewage treatment plant was erected on the new camp which consists of two HUBER Complete Plants and two HUBER Membrane Plants. More...

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