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Dear Reader,

At the end of 2009, my father Dr. Hans Georg Huber and my uncle Karl-Josef Huber gave up their position as CEOs of HUBER SE after more than forty years of company management and became members of the HUBER SE supervisory board. The new board of directors, composed of Dr. Oliver Rong, Rainer K÷hler, Dr. Johann Grienberger and me, will continue to pursue the direction we have taken over the past years to be able to offer our customers also in the future innovative high-quality products.
My thanks go to the two former CEOs who, owing to their great commitment over all the years, could pass into our hands a healthy company with an excellent reputation and enable me to rise to the challenge and undertake this exciting task.
I hope you stay with us and look forward to the continuation of our business relationship!

Georg Huber, CEO

Our topics in this edition

New HUBER SE supervisory board took office in March
Successful workshop in Ghana
HUBER invited top suppliers
Wastewater heat exchanger RoWin: versatile, automated, low maintenance
ROTAMAT« Screw Press RoS 3Q - New press size up to 100 000 PE
Complete Plant Ro 5HD: From Practice – For Practice
HUBER MCB installation in Berchtesgaden National Park
Economic efficiency of heat recovery from wastewater
Wastewater recycling in textile industries


News Top
New HUBER SE supervisory board took office
After 41 years, Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans Huber and his brother Karl-Josef Huber retire from their position as managing directors. With Hans Huber’s son Georg Huber and Dr.-Ing. Oliver Rong, brother-in-law of Karl-Josef Huber, the sixth Huber generation has taken over the management of the company that has been family owned for 175 years. More...
Successful HUBER Seminar in Africa
The Workshop ‘Advanced Solutions for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Africa’ organized by HUBER in Accra, Ghana was received with great interest: More than 100 experts from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Burkina-Faso and Senegal discussed future ways and chances of wastewater treatment in Africa. More...
HUBER invited top suppliers
“Customer satisfaction is our motivation and obligation. Let’s join efforts for mutual success!“ - true to this motto HUBER's top 100 suppliers were invited to attend the Suppliers’ Day held at Hirschberg Palace on 11 March. More...


Products Top
HUBER wastewater heat exchanger RoWin: versatile – automated – low maintenance
The HUBER heat exchanger is not only suitable to be used with wastewater, it offers also automated cleaning of the exchanger surfaces and periodic sediment removal – a unique combination. The system is applicable where heat is to be extracted from or introduced into a more or less polluted liquid. More...
Screw Press RoS 3Q: New press size up to 100 000 PE
RoS 3Q Screw Presses have become a well established solution for sewage sludge dewatering. We have added to this successful series the new RoS 3Q 800 model that is designed for a nominal throughput of 450 kgDR/hr or 12 m│/hr. Applications of up to 100 000 PE can now be served with one line. More...
Complete Plant Ro 5HD: From Practice – For Practice
The Complete Plant Ro5HD with Hydro-Duct system, which was launched three years ago and has meanwhile been patented, keeps its promise. The plant intelligently combines all the advantages the customer and equipment operators benefit from. More...
HUBER MCB installation in Berchtesgaden National Park – a blessing not only for marmots
Maximum effluent quality is required to preserve the splendid landscape in Berchtesgaden National Park. The HUBER MCB 3x2 with a membrane surface of 21 m▓ meets this requirement and handles a wastewater flow of about five m│ per day. More...


Solutions Top
Economic efficiency of heat recovery from wastewater
Using the heat contained within wastewater to heat buildings is an innovative alternative to conventional heating methods. But the aspect of economy still seems to count more than all arguments for the environment and future markets. Ultimately, new and innovative technology must still be economically justifiable, as the enclosed article shows. More...
Wastewater recycling in textile industries
First operating results have proven the efficiency of the HUBER VRM« system for process water recycling. About 80% of the permeate produced by the HUBER equipment can directly be reused in the process, the payback period will probably be even shorter than the initial target of five years. More...

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