Sturdy screen for coarse material removal: HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax®

Schematic drawing of a TrashMax® screen
Schematic drawing of a TrashMax® screen

HUBER is in the fortunate position of having a wide range of screens which allows us to offer every customer the perfect solution for his specific requirements. This guarantees our customers problem-free plant operation. On the basis of the function principle of our multi-rake bar screen we have developed the new coarse material screen TrashMax®. The TrashMax® screen offers all the benefits of our multi-rake bar screens and in addition an extra sturdy design for the removal of coarse material. The screen is ideal to be used in pumping stations, as first treatment stage of wastewater treatment plants or industrial plants, and in the inlet to power plants. It removes coarse and bulky material and therefore protects downstream systems.

An important functional element of the screen is its bar rack which retains the coarse material. The screen rakes of the TrashMax® screen mesh with the rack bars at the bottom dead centre, at first with the back cleaned screen and then with the behind front cleaned screen. This avoids the accumulation of material in front of the screen and even extremely bulky objects are reliably removed by the screen rakes and transported upwards out of the channel. As the screen rack gets more and more blinded, flow resistance increases and consequently the water level in the channel in front of the screen rises due to the accumulating material. The HUBER TrashMax® screen is able to remove this material very quickly and thus reduce the water level within a short time. The TrasMax® achieves this with its cleaning elements. Attached to the chain system, these elements can easily be adjusted to different requirements and are therefore able to reliably remove even heavy loads and bulky screenings. As the cleaning rakes can be variably adapted, removal capacity is then adjustable. The benefit of high cleaning efficiency is especially favourable for high solids loads.

Both ends of the cleaning rakes are connected to robust drive chains. Two wear-resistant rollers on each side, running in lateral guiding tracks, ensure true and smooth running of the rakes as they move upwards with the result of reliable intensive bar rack cleaning. Each chain is driven by a sprocket on a common shaft and a gear motor. Frequently, screens need to be adaptable to specific site requirements. Especially with given hydraulic and structural conditions the TrashMax® screen is ideal due to its versatility and flexibility. Due to the screen’s compact design its height above floor is very low. Also screen installation length is very short as the screen can be installed at angles between 70° and 85°. In short: With this screen type, solutions can be provided for virtually any application, even and especially with given hydraulic and constructional conditions.

As described above, the screen rakes attached to the chain system reliably ensure continuous bar rack cleaning with short removal intervals. The lower part of the TrashMax® consists in the steep conveying section followed by the upper part, the flat discharge section with a small inclination. This screen design guarantees the reliable discharge of screenings into a downstream transport or disposal system. With the development of the new TrashMax® screen HUBER has successfully added another innovative coarse material screen to its program of screening solutions.

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