HUBER MBR solution for 5-star luxury hotel Xanadu Island Resort

Xanadu Island Resort on the West Coast of Turkey
Xanadu Island Resort

The 5-star hotel Xanadu Island Resort located on a picturesque peninsula of land on the West Coast of Turkey was opened in 2010. Owing to the sales activities of our Green Building team HUBER could supply two HUBER ROTAMAT® Micro Strainer Ro 9 screens and four HUBER VRM® wastewater per day. The treated water is suitable to be reused for irrigation. systems size 20/300. The HUBER machines clarify 1200 m³.

This project confronted us with two special challenges: We had to meet the very tight time frame claimed by the customer and adapt our technology to an existing building. Right from the beginning, we tried to minimize the risk of failures during the project phase and after start-up. We were able to achieve this aim through detailed analysis of the specific conditions on site and intensive exchange of information with the representatives of the project planning office and could put the machines into operation just in time for the holiday season with our guarantee for trouble-free operation.

Four of these VRM® units were installed to treat the hotel’s wastewater
Four of these VRM® units were installed to treat the hotel’s wastewater

The customer is fully satisfied with the HUBER solution and happy about the saving potential provided by the HUBER plant. Without the HUBER solution tanker vehicles would have to transport the wastewater to the nearest sewage treatment works. These supply and disposal costs can be saved now and project costs covered after only three years of plant operation. Moreover, traffic is reduced and the view of the unattractive tanker vehicles does not annoy guests and spoil the idyllic setting – an additional image benefit for the hotel in addition to the eco-friendliness provided by the HUBER plant.

Situated near the city of Akyarlar, 20 km from Bodrum, this luxury hotel provides 320 suites for its guests. Also included within the resort are another 880 villas. The hotel belongs to the Aydiner Group and offers its guests a wide range of services, including sports & games, fitness centre, four pools, water sports, tennis courts, basketball and beach volleyball, discotheques, yoga, animation and show programs, and many other activities.

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