Anti-Graffiti Coatings For Doors And Manhole Covers

Graffitis may give buildings of the supply and disposal sector a negative and neglected overall appearance. As the sprayers can usually not be traced, the plant operator has to bear all costs for clearing himself. Further, clearing can additionally cause damage of the surface. In particular the protective passivation layer on stainless steel surfaces on doors or manhole covers for instance can be destroyed, leaving an ugly surface that is susceptible to corrosion.

Especially developed colourless "anti-graffity" coatings, have been successfully applied on track vehicles. The same proven finishes can be used for stainless steel surfaces, providing the undercoat is adhesive, i.e. the doors or manhole covers must have a varnish before applying the finish. The graffitis can then be removed from the stainless steel parts by means of a common high pressure cleaner. The costs for this clearing method amounts to only a fraction of otherwise produced costs.

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by Elisabeth Ketzler

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