New HUBER Partner in Denmark - AQUAGAIN – Folding Smed A/S 21.12.2020  | After many years the sales-representative-agreement for DENMARK with KRÜGER A/S is expiring on 31.12.2020 by mutual agreement. We want to thank Krüger for the good and fair cooperation over all these years. [Leer más]
New issue of HUBER Newsletter online 17.11.2020  | The up-to date November 2020 issue of our group-wide periodic email newsletter is now available on the HUBER websites, too. [Leer más]
Video: Complete wastewater treatment at the Øygarden wastewater treatment plant in Norway 17.09.2020  | An impressive large-scale HUBER project in Norway recently went into operation: In Øygarden, one of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in the country was built - with innovative and optimally matched HUBER technology. Watch the following video to get an impression of the entire purification process at this remarkable wastewater treatment plant. [Leer más]
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