Sludge dewatering in a confectionery at Mondelez, Marlbrook

A HUBER Technology Wastewater Case Study

HUBER Technology recently completed a project for the largest confectionery manufacturer in the UK at their site at Marlbrook between Leominster and Hereford. The project for Mondelez which own confectionery brand Cadbury was delivered following good early engagement to allow a successful project to be delivered.

Installed HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® 440.2 and Control Panel
Dewatered sludge cake from the Q-PRESS®

Project Profile

This project was part of the upgrade to the sites effluent treatment plant to include for a provision of sludge dewatering capability on site.

It involved removal of an existing redundant DAF plant and the installation in its place of a HUBER Q-PRESS® sludge dewatering system including the provision of poly dosing equipment and associated control panels into the constraints of the existing building.

HUBER Technology Supplied

  • 1 x HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS ® 440.2 Sludge Dewaterer
  • 1 x Polymer dosing plant
  • 1 x HUBER Control Panel
  • 1 x HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8 for sludge discharge


The sludge generated on site from the effluent treatment plant was originally tankered away and treated at another location. The installation of the HUBER Q-PRESS® sludge dewaterer enabled the sludge to be treated on site with just the sludge cake requiring disposal thus reducing operating costs.


Based on the parameters of 83 m³/week at 3% dry solids being generated at the site the Q-PRESS® 440.2 unit was selected. This allows the unit to operate in normal situations at around 8 hours per day 5 days per week. The capacity of the unit is approximately 4m³/hr if required.

The sludge dewaterer was supplied complete with a HUBER designed control panel and a polymer dosing plant. Sludge cake was discharged directly into a Ro8 screw conveyor and into a skip for disposal off site.

Product Profile

HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® – Sludge Dewatering – The new generation of our well proved sudge dewatering press which is now even more efficient with an increased reliability in operation with optimised operating costs. With over 20 units operating in the UK and over 1,650 worldwide.

“This project was completed and delivered on time and to budget, this was achieved by early engagement with the client to ensure the right equipment was selected to deal with the sludge and was delivered successfully into the constraints of the existing building.”

Richard Willis-Area Manager


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