New Headworks for the Bavarian City of Straubing

Grit washer RoSF 4 and discharge from wash drum RoSF 9V

Straubing is a city in Bavaria, located about 60 km north-east of its capital Munich. The wastewater treatment plant of Straubing is designed for a total population of 220,000. In 2006 the plant’s inlet structure was refurbished with new HUBER equipment.

The two new Vertical Step Screens SSV have a width of 1,776 mm and a lamella spacing of 6 mm. The screenings are intensively washed and compacted in a new super-launder wash-press WAP/SL size 6. Grit from their grit channels is now washed in our ROTAMAT® COANDA grit washer RoSF 4. In addition, sludge from sewer flushing operation is fed to a HUBER receiving station RoSF 8V. The station includes a feed tank, a vertical conveyor screw and a wash drum RoSF 9.

All our equipment had to be installed during uninterrupted plant operation. This was only possible by excellent cooperation between the plants operation managers and our HUBER field service technicians.

The plant’s management is very content with the operation and performance of the entire HUBER equipment. They are happy about the good capture rate, low hydraulic head and steep lifting capability of their SSV screens, about the excellent performance to minimize screenings mass of their WAP/SL, and about the outstanding grit washing quality of their RoSF 4. And they are glad that they now can treat their sludge from sewer flushing with their RoSF 8V without any problems.

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