HUBER Service and Maintenance Contracts

Be on the safe side with a HUBER Service partnership

Sign a HUBER service and maintenance contract for maximum operating reliability at constantly high product performance and therefore reduced operating costs!

The contract provides regular, load and status dependent inspection and maintenance through our service staff. The results of any service inspection and maintenance are directly recorded in a carefully documented check list. Our HS type service contracts (details see below) include, of course, our function and operation guarantee for equipment under regular service, i.e. operating reliability and product availability until the next servicing date.

Our HUBER Service Centre team will be pleased to help with advice and support in selecting the type of service contract that is ideal for your requirements. Contact us!

HUBER Service Modules

"All inclusive" with HUBER Full Service

In order to meet the constantly growing demands, we have developed a further, powerful service package for our customers in addition to our well-established and successful HUBER service and maintenance contract models: the HUBER Full Service contract. With this new HUBER service system, we can guarantee our customers the highest level of operational reliability, full cost and planning security as well as conservation of value of the machines and plants.